41st International Conference and Exhibition ICSOBA 2023










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Best Papers Awards

For the first time a Best Presentation Award was introduced. The award recipient was selected by vote of the participants with the aid of the Whova App:

AL44 - A Deep Learning-Based Robot for Anode Cover Thickness Measurement in Aluminum Reduction Cells - Salem Haggag, Mostafa Aboelnaga, Mohammad Rashwan, Mohammed Al Hadi, Yassin Abdelmeguid and Bilal Serieh (American University in Dubai, UAE), Mohamed Mahmoud, Halima Alhmoudi, Nadia Ahli, Aslam Khan and Praveen Gupta (Emirates Global Aluminium, UAE).

At the end of the conference fourteen papers were announced for the Best Paper Award. The awards are dedicated to recognizing outstanding papers across the entire program.

Among the criteria taken into consideration for the best paper award were the highest presentation skills, practical application, detailed elaboration of the idea and prospects for widening of application. In the respective subjects, the best paper awards went to:

Bauxite BX09 -Online Predictive Asset Monitoring Via Cloud Specialist System Hydro Paragominas, Tractian Technology, Brasil Glayson Soares Habr, Silvio Balieiro, Marco Machado, Gilmar Rios, Marcos Branco, Marcel Duarte, Debora Rocha and Leo Borba
Bauxite BX16 - Tailing Dam Closure with Revegetation: Use of Green Manure for the Improvement of Technosoil Built from Bauxite Tailings Hydro Paragominas, Brasil Jonilton Paschoal and Vicente Souza
Alumina AA04- Enhancing Solid-Liquid Separation in Alumina Refineries: a Comparative Study of Gravity Decanters and Diastar Filters Norsk Hydro, Hydro Alunorte, Brazil, Errol Jaeger Alumina Consultant, USA, Gaudfrin, France Caio Melo, Errol Jaeger, Adrien Dagallier and Enio Silva
Alumina AA17- Successful Application and Installation of SWIRLFLOW® Mixing Technology in an Inverted Cone Precipitation Tank at the Hindalco Alumina Refinery in India CSIRO, Australia, Hindalco, India, Metso, Germany Bon Nguyen, Ashish Mishra, Wenge Zhang, Michael Hurley, Lachlan Graham and Jie Wu
Alumina AA29 - Gallium Balance in a Greenfield Alumina Refinery Emirates Global Aluminium, UAE Emilio Dal Pai, Ahmad Badarani, Jӧrg Rüster, Neeraj Pugalia, Devarajan Rajamanickam, Supratim Dey and Fatema Al Mazrouei
Bauxite Residue BR01 - Mineralogical and Compositional Description of Al Taweelah Alumina Refinery’s Bauxite Residue Emirates Global Aluminium, UAE Lucky Zaman and Markus Gräefe
Bauxite Residue BR15 – The House of Bauxite Mytilineos S.A.- Aluminium of Greece, Greece, University of Ioannina, Greece, ResouceFull, Belgium, ENALOS, Greece, KU Leuven, Belgium Efthymios Balomenos, Panagiotis Davris, Grigoris Pachalis, Alexandros Peteinarelis, Nikolaos Patsavos, Lukas Arnout, Elise François, Thomas Lapauw, Christos Georgopoulos, Konstantinos Sakkas, Michiel Giels, Tobias Hertel and Yiannis Pontikes
Electrodes CB01 - Effect of Mechanical Stress on Pitch Distribution during Anode Baking Université Laval, Aluminium Research Centre - REGAL, Québec, Canada, Alcoa, Québec, Canada Nnafiseh Shadvar, Guillaume Gauvin, Simon Laliberté-Riverin, Houshang Alamdari and Julien Lauzon Gauthier
Electrodes CB17 - How the CPC Specification and Smelter Strategies Impact Performance and Anode Quality Emirates Global Aluminium, UAE Edouard Mofor, Najeeba Al Jabri and Shane Pollé
Aluminium Electrolysis AL20 - Numerical Modelling of Voltage Drop due to Anode Bubbles CAETE Engenharia, Brazil Vanderlei Gusberti and Dagoberto Schubert Severo
Aluminium Electrolysis AL24 - Experience with Homogeneous Cu Collector Bars Directly Fitted into Cathode Blocks Hydro Aluminium, Norway Eirik Hagen and Bjørnar Gjesdal
Aluminium Electrolysis AL36 - Visualization of Anode Effect in High Temperature Transparent Aluminum Electrolysis Cell Northeastern University, China Bingliang Gao, Hongkun Niu, Cong Wang and Zhiwei Liu
Sustainability ST07 - Aluminium from the Amazon: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Centre for International Environmental Studies, Switzerland Simon Lobach
Casthouse Operation CH01 - The Impact of Skim Dam Design on the Molten Aluminium Temperature Uniformity at Sheet Ingot Mold Periphery Rio Tinto Aluminium, Canada Martin Fortier