40th International Conference and Exhibition ICSOBA 2022










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Best Papers Awards

At the end of the conference, eight papers were announced for the best paper award. The awards are dedicated to recognizing outstanding papers across the entire program.

Among the criteria taken into consideration for the best paper award were: the highest presentation skills, practical application, detailed elaboration of the idea and prospects for widening of application. In the respective session categories, the best paper awards went to:

Bauxite BX03 - Study of Influences on the Productivity of Bauxite Slurry Hyperbaric Filtration through Box Behnken Design Norsk Hydro, Legasys Industrial Solutions Clara Souza, Paula Lima and Paulo Miotto
Alumina AA13 - Advances in Process Simulation of Agglomeration in Bayer Precipitation Rinalco, KWA Kenwalt Ab Rijkeboer, John McFeaters and Daniel Manché
Alumina AA27 - Solvay’s Solvent Extraction Technology to Remove Organics from Bayer Process Solvay Airong Song, Joe Calbick, Dannon Stigers
Bauxite Residue BR11 - Co-calcination of Bauxite Residue with Low-grade Kaolin in Pursuit of an Economic and High-quality Supplementary Cementitious Material VITO, AdMiRIS, KON Chemical Solutions Arne Peys, Athina Preveniou, David Konlechner and Ruben Snellings
Bauxite Residue BR13 - Methodology for a Safe and Low-Cost Large-Scale Application for Bauxite Residue in association with Portland Cement in Compositions Applied in Civil Construction Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, Alcoa of Australia Roberto Cesar de Oliveira Romano, Lance Myers and Rafael Giuliano Pileggi
Carbon CB01 - New Generation Anode Baking Furnace: a Breakthrough Technology Increasing Productivity and Sustainability Rio Tinto, Bell Bay Aluminium Sandra Besson, David Deneef, Anthony Reeve, John Collins, Meaghan Noonan and Roy Cahill
Reduction AL08 - Low Resistance, High Flow PrimaFlow® Filters SOLAFT Filtration Solutions, Emirates Global Aluminium, Alcoa Fjarðaál, Rio Tinto Michael Neate, Bradley Currell, Henrique Sommerfeld, Mohammad AbdulGhafor Hussein, Sigurjón Björgvinsson and Carl Boivin
Reduction AL16 - CFD Simulation of Busbar Tunnels in EGA Jebel Ali Potlines Hatch Associates, Emirates Global Aluminium Russell Hall, Olivier Charette, Matthew Del Gobbo, Wayde Johnson and Ghalib Al Falasi