10-14 October 2022
Athens, Greece

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Michel Reverdy, Andrey Panov, Carlos Suarez, Thymis Balomenos, Houshang Alamdari, Vinko Potocnik


The three-day ICSOBA conference took place on 10-14 October 2022. The conference covered bauxite, alumina, bauxite residue, carbon for aluminium electrolysis, aluminium production, and aluminium recycling in a variety of technical sessions. Mytilineos was host sponsor.

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Сonference materials

KN01 - Mytilineos “Bauxite to Aluminium” Production, an Example of Competitiveness Longevity
KN02 - Aluminium Heritage
KN03 - EGA Story from Humble Beginnings to a Mega Smelter
KN04 - China Hongqiao Group – a Leading Global Aluminum Producer Moving from Heavy to Zero Carbon
KN05 - Next Decade for Indian Aluminium Industry
KN06 - Quantifying the Carbon Footprint of the Alouette Aluminum Smelter
KN07 - Framework to Drive Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy in Indian Aluminium Sector
KN08 - Performance Improvement in Alumina Refining
KN09 - The Outlook for Third-Party Bauxite Trade and the Potential Impacts of Country Policies
KN10 - The Outlook for the Aluminium Market in an Uncertain World
KN11 - Sustainable Development: Bauxite and Alumina
ST01 - Good Practice Guidance for Calculation of Primary Aluminium and Precursor Product Carbon Footprints
ST02 - Climate Change Adaptation: Overarching Framework to Address Overlapping Industry Guidelines
ST03 - Decarbonisation of Aluminium Production by Demand Side Response
ST04 - Hydrogen Exploitation on Extractive Industry Oriented to Green Electrification and Heat Production
ST05 - Circular Use of Aluminium as an Energy Carrier
ST06 - Tailings Management to Enhance Safety, Sustainability and Transparency
ST07 - Key Aspects of Aluminium Value Chain Sustainability in East – Southeast Europe for Red Mud Valorization
ST08 - Standards for Analysis of Important Raw Materials in ISO Technical Committee 226
ST09 - Moving Towards Zero Waste to Landfill in Integrated Aluminium Company
BX01 - UltraGround Penetrating Radar (UltraGPR) Inputs for Bauxite Geological Modelling with Accuracy Improvements
BX02 - Water Resources Management Plan for Mining Industries – A Guidance Model
BX03 - Study of Influences on the Productivity of Bauxite Slurry Hyperbaric Filtration through Box Behnken Design
BX04 - Beneficiation Tests of Gibbsitic Bauxite
BX05 - Restoration of Bauxite Lands in Jamaica: Life after Bauxite
BX06 - Selection of Key Plant Species for the Rehabilitation of Areas with Constructed Soils after Bauxite Mining in the Amazon Region
AA01 - Bayer + Pedersen the Perfect Match for the Future of Alumina Production, with Benefits
AA02 - A Techno-Economical Study Comparing the Bayer and Pedersen Processes for Alumina Production and Bauxite Residue Treatment
AA03 - Evaluation of Alternative Raw Materials and Processes for Alumina Production
AA04 - Processing of Coal Fly Ash as an Alternate Resource for Alumina Ensuing Acid Leaching Route
AA05 - Boehmite-Kaolinite Bauxite Treatment by Ammonium Bisulfate Method: Study of Al(OH)3 Precipitation from Ammonium Alum Solution
AA06 - Removal of Iron (III) from Ammonium Alum Solution of Coal Fly Ash H2SO4 + NH4HSO4 Leaching by Ion Exchange Sorption Using Purolite S957 and S950 Resins
AA07 - Improving Ball Mill Efficiency through Application of Bauxite Grinding Aid
AA08 - Advanced Process Control for Wet Grinding Circuits: Unlocking the Potential for Throughput Improvement and Energy Savings in Ball Mils
AA09 - Low Cost Improvements to the Sandy DSP Process
AA10 - Increasing Mud Throughput Capacity of the Mud Washing Circuit through a Brownfield Project
AA11 - Improved Red Mud Flocculants
AA12 - Influence of Weaving Parameters on the Mechanical and Filtration Properties of a Fabric
AA13 - Advances in Process Simulation of Agglomeration in Bayer Precipitation
AA14 - The Reaction Behavior of Sodium Aluminosilicate During Precipitation Process
AA15 - Optimization of the Control and Monitoring Strategies for Precipitation Yield and Particle Sizing using Predictive Modelling
AA16 - Application of Data Analytics Tools for Increasing Liquor Productivity in Alumina Refinery
AA17 - Erosion Investigation of Liquid-Solid Two Phase in Wide-channel Welded Plate Heat Exchanger
AA18 - Power Saving in Mixing Steps for a Sustainable Environment
AA19 - Metso Outotec’s 5th Generation of CFB Alumina Calciners – Optimized Process and Equipment Design
AA20 - Real time Prediction of Gas Suspension Calciner Performance Using ML Based Soft
AA21 - Process Solutions to Improve Sintering Kiln Performance
AA22 - Development of a Dynamic Computer Model for Water and Effluent Management at the Alunorte Refinery
AA23 - Integrated Water Balance Modeling of the Alunorte Refinery
AA24 - Math Modeling of Soda-Potash Solutions Processing at RUSAL Achinsk
AA25 - Study on New Technology for Alumina Production from High Carbonate Bauxite
AA26 - Methods to Reduce Carbonate Content during Alumina Producing Process
AA27 - Solvay’s Solvent Extraction Technology to Remove Organics from Bayer Process
AA28 - Feasibility Study to Remove Impurities from CBA’s Liquor as an Alternative to Increase Precipitation Yield
AA29 - Removal of Zinc from Pregnant Liquor by Reductive Sintering
AA30 - Selective Extraction of Gallium from Bayer Liquor with Ion-Exchange Resin
AA31 - Comparison of X-Ray Fluorescence and Infrared Spectrometry for Determination of Trace Amounts of Sulfur in Smelter Grade Alumina and Study of Thermal Desulfurization
AA32 - Optimization of Acid Descaling Efficiency of Bayer Process Slurry Heat Exchangers
AA33 - Effect of Binders on the Processing of α-Alumina in Tunnel Kiln
AA34 - Effect of Colour Bearing Impurities of Alumina on Fused Cast Refractories
BR01 - Reducing Bauxite Residue Production and Storage through Internal and External Recycling of Security Filtration Filter-cake
BR02 - Examining the Bauxite Residue Management Framework in Jamaica
BR03 - Ensuring Safety of Bauxite Dams through Digitalization
BR04 - Bauxite Residue Deposit Reclamation – a Pathway to Reintegration
BR05 - Rheological Characterization of Filtered Bauxite Residue
BR06 - Stress-Strain Behavior of a Bauxite Tailings Dam Based on Field Monitoring Data
BR07 - Case Study – Installation and Startup of a System for Red Mud Filtration with Filter Presses
BR08 - Improvement of Dust Management at the Gardanne Alumina Production Plant BRDA
BR09 - Optimizing the Potential of BR Slag in Blended Cement
BR10 - Reactivity Assessment of Bauxite Residue-Rich Slags
BR11 - Co-calcination of Bauxite Residue with Low-grade Kaolin in Pursuit of an Economic and High-quality Supplementary Cementitious Material
BR12 - Characterization of Low-CO2 Ferrite-Belite Cements Incorporating High Volumes of Bauxite Residue as a Raw Material
BR13 - Methodology for a Safe and Low-Cost Large-Scale Application for Bauxite Residue in association with Portland Cement in Compositions Applied in Civil Construction
BR14 - Development of Concrete with Bauxite Residue for the Production of Paving Blocks by Casting
BR15 - Case Study for the Development of Heavy Traffic Pavement in Concrete with Bauxite Residue
BR16 - Bauxite Residue as Raw Material for Manufacture of Synthetic Aggregate
BR17 - The Solid-state “Bayer Process”-inspired Valorization Route: Adding a Sodium Alumino-silicate to the Precursor
BR18 - Experimental Study on Preparation of Un-fired Bricks by Bauxite Residue and Other Industrial Solid Wastes
BR19 - Reactions and Phase Transformations During the Low-Temperature Reduction of Bauxite Residue by H2 in the Presence of NaOH, and Recovery Rates Downstream
BR20 - A Sustainable and Profitable Bauxite Residues Valorization Process
BR21 - Hydrogen Reduction of High Temperature Sintered and Self-Hardened Pellets of Bauxite Residue produced via the Addition of Limestone and Quicklime
BR22 - Waste to Wealth – Full Utilisation of Red Mud
BR23 - Bauxite Residue Flotation as an Alternative for Iron Concentration and Sodalite Removal
BR24 - Recovery of Scandium and Iron from Bauxite Residue by Carbothermic Smelting, Acid Baking - Water Leaching, and Solid - Liquid Extraction
BR25 - The Bauxite Residue as Amendment for the Acidic Soils Rehabilitation in Romania
BR26 - Studies of Scandium (III) Ion Adsorption/Desorption from Acidic Sulfate Solutions Using Chelating Ion Exchangers
BR27 - Cleaning Disposal of High-Iron Bauxite Residue (Red Mud) Using Hydrochemical Conversion of Goethite to Magnetite
CB01 - New Generation Anode Baking Furnace: a Breakthrough Technology Increasing Productivity and Sustainability
CB02 - Computational Model Development for Performance Analysis of Anode Baking Furnace
CB03 - Challenges of Prolonging Life of Aged Anode Baking Furnace-1 at Aluminum Bahrain (ALBA)
CB04 - Anode Baking Furnace at Aluminium of Greece goes Smart and Green with a new FTC and FCS
CB05 - Anode Performance Improvement with Limited Expenditure and Baking Furnace Options
CB06 - Characterizing Pilot Anodes Made with CTP and Bio-Pitch using µCT
CB07 - Considerations in Chemical Coke/Pitch Modification Using Additives for Anode Production
CB08 - Ageing of Carbon Materials during Electrolysis, Experience from Operation and Laboratory Tests
CB09 - Performance of an Impact Crusher used as an Alternative to Produce Anode-Covering Crushed Bath during Autogenous Mill Refurbishment
CB10 - An Overview of Mathematical Modelling of Anode Baking Furnaces
AL01 - Amperage Increase in EGA Al Taweelah Potline 3
AL02 - ALBA Potline 6 Operation during Amperage Increase
AL03 - Potlines Extension Project in EGA Al Taweelah Smelter
AL04 - Anode Setting Pattern Changes in Sohar Potline Operation
AL05 - Advanced Process Control with Smart Smelter Sensors at EGA
AL06 - Studying Alumina Flow Using DEM Numerical Simulation
AL07 - Performance of Gas Treatment Centers in the Shadow of Amperage Increase in Alba
AL08 - Low Resistance, High Flow PrimaFlow® Filters
AL09 - Low-Cost PFC Analyzer for Early Anode Effect Detection
AL10 - Aluminium Electrolysis Cells: Anode Changing Automation Challenges
AL11 - Seasonal Influence on Aluminium Cell Heat Balance and Performance
AL12 - Metal Crucible Tracking System at EGA Using Digital Technologies
AL13 - Automation of Furnace Tending: ARFT Technology
AL14 - Production of P0303 Grade Sows at Mahan Aluminium
AL15 - Busbar Integrity in Potline Tunnels in EGA Jebel Ali Smelter
AL16 - CFD Simulation of Busbar Tunnels in EGA Jebel Ali Potlines
AL17 - New ESTER/PHOENICS – an Upgraded 3D MHD Modelling Software for Aluminium Reduction Cells
AL18 - Magnetic Compensation Loop Design using Transient ESTER/PHOENICS MHD Simulations
AL19 - Magnetohydrodynamic Analysis of Load Shifting in Hall-Héroult Cells
AL20 - Stabilizing Aluminium Reduction Cells by Oscillating Currents in Magnetic Compensation Loops
AL21 - Magnetic Field Improvement in Electrolytic Cells by Shielding
AL22 - Beat the Heat! – EGA’s Heat Stress Prevention Programme
AL23 - Development of Vedanta Lining Design
AL24 - Retrofitting of Several Cell Technologies Using a Protruding Collector Bar Cathode Assembly
AL25 - Pot Blasting Abnormality Control at Balco
AL26 - Recycling Possibilities of Spent Potlining Carbon Material Generated from NALCO’s Smelter
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BX03 - Study of Influences on the Productivity of Bauxite Slurry Hyperbaric Filtration through Box Behnken Design

Authors: Clara Souza, Paula Lima and Paulo Miotto - Legasys Industrial Solutions

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