38th International Conference and Exhibition ICSOBA 2020









Best Paper Awards

At the end of the conference six papers were announced for the best paper award. The awards are dedicated to recognizing outstanding papers across the entire program.

Selection of the best papers in three categories below is based on the following criteria:

  • Contribution to New Technology or significant improvement of existing technology
  • Potential Utilization by Industry
  • Well Documented Paper
  • Excellent Presentation

Four subjects were considered: bauxite and alumina, bauxite residue, carbon and electrolysis. The subject organizers of each stream: Robert LaMacchia and Andrey Panov (bauxite and alumina), Mathieu Arlettaz (carbon) and Vinko Potocnik (electrolysis) made their selections.

Given the breadth, diversity and quality of the nominations, the job of picking winners was quite difficult. Two aluminium electrolysis papers were awarded due to the larger number of papers in this subject.
The recipients are: 

Bauxite Dry Beneficiation of Bauxite Minerals Using a Tribo-Electrostatic Belt Separator ST Equipment & Technology, USA Kyle Flynn, Lucas Rojas Mendoza, Frank Hrach and Abhishek Gupta
Alumina Predictive Analysis of Industrial Precipitation Cycles Using Population Balance and Deep Learning Methods RUSAL ETC, Russia Vladimir Golubev, Dmitriy Chistyakov and Iliya Blednykh
Alumina Iron Removal from Bayer Liquors: The Ma’aden Alumina Refinery Experience Ma’aden, KSA Ahmed Ibrahim, Ahmad Hommadi, Abdullah Otaibi and Peter Swash
Bauxite Residue Evaluation of Bauxite Residue Rehabilitation Strategy: One Year Monitoring Assessment Hydro Alunorte, Brazil Yuuki Miura, Ronaldo Pantoja, Adriana de Cassia Souza, Paschoal Cataldi, Daniel Arvani and João Wendell Santos
Carbon Sustainable CPC Production at the Vizag Calciner Rain Carbon, USA Les Edwards, Maia Hunt, Pankaj Verma, Peter Weyell and Julia Koop
Reduction Minimizing SPL Generation via Redesigning Pot and Life Enhancement Hindalco Industries, India Mahesh Sahoo, Amit Gupta and S. K. Badajena
Reduction State and Development Prospects of Technologies for the Use of Unshaped Lining Materials in Aluminum Reduction Cells RUSAL ETC, Russia Aleksandr Proshkin, VitalyPingin, Viktor Mann, Aleksey Zherdev, Andrey Sbitnev, YuryShtefanyuk