27 - 31 October 2024,
Lyon, France

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Invitation and General Information

Dear Colleagues,

For its 42nd International Conference and Exhibition, ICSOBA is inviting you to return to the home turf of Paul Héroult and the place of one of the first plants where Karl Josef Bayer implemented his patented process of alumina extraction from bauxite. 


The conference is planned in the same format as last two years with authors delivering their presentation physically. The presentations will be broadcast live for the participants who cannot attend in-person. 


The conference will take place in Lyon (France) from 27 to 31 October 2024.


We are very thankful to Alteo, Aluminium Dunkerque, Rio Tinto and Trimet for supporting the conference as host sponsors. 


Technical Program of ICSOBA 2024 will include:

  • Keynote presentations giving visitors insights of current technology and market trends in the field of primary aluminium;
  • 3 days of Technical Sessions;
  • Technical tours will be organized to Alteo Gardanne plant with special focus on bauxite residue storage and processing, and to Aluminium Dunkerque smelter, home of a Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) project;
  • Bayer and Electrolysis Short Courses will be given by leading experts prior to the conference.

We look forward to seeing you all at ICSOBA 2024!

Conference topics

ICSOBA 2024 will cover the following main subjects:


  • Bauxite
  • Alumina
  • Bauxite Residue
  • Aluminium Electrolysis
  • Electrodes for Aluminium Electrolysis
  • Smelter Cast House


In these subjects ICSOBA 2024 will explore the following key issues


  • Sustainability and decarbonisation
  • Artificial Intelligence applications
  • Energy challenge
  • New technologies
  • Greenfield and Brownfield activities
  • Success stories in projects implementation
  • Health, environment and safety
  • Market scenarios and economic outlook


Do not miss the opportunity to interact with international experts, scientists, engineers, technology suppliers, equipment manufacturers and representatives of worldwide aluminium industry.

Conference Format

The hybrid format of the conference will enable your participation irrespectively if you travel to Lyon or must stay at home. The difference between on-site and online participation is:


  • On-site participants of the conference will be able to take full benefit of regular ICSOBA conference, including downloading the papers and presentations before the opening of the conference, participation in technical sessions, exhibition, field trips and social functions. Only on-site speakers will have the opportunity to present a paper. On-site participant will also be able to watch the recorded presentations “on demand” on the conference platform.
  • Online participants of the conference will be able to download the papers and presentations before the opening of the conference. They will be able to attend the presentations live in the scheduled sessions Central European Time time as well as viewing the recorded presentations “on demand” on the conference platform.


Papers and presentations will be in English. They will be published and downloadable from the ICSOBA website for the participants and ICSOBA corporate members. The papers will be indexed in platforms such as Google Scholar. The printed book of proceedings (TRAVAUX No. 53 will be sent as individual orders after the conference.


The latest technologies, equipment and other devices for the aluminium industry will be exhibited during the conference.

Exhibitors will be able to upload the brochure and video on the Conference Application – Whova – which enables connection with on-site and online participants.


You can contact Bijoy Satpathy: bijoy.satpathy@icsoba.org for any information concerning the exhibition.


1st Circular of ICSOBA 2024 (15/06/2024)

1st Circular of ICSOBA 2024 covers the following new information:  Program highlights, Keynote speakers update, Social events details, Conference registration fees and conditions, Social events registration, Hotel booking instructions, Bayer Process short course, ICSOBA 2024 Student Award, update of ICSOBA Publication policy.


Papers submission and review is managed within ConfTool https://www.conftool.net/icsoba2024 which is customized for the ICSOBA 2024.

ICSOBA Publication policy was updated on June 10, 2024, to reflect publication ethics, copyright agreement and Artificial Intelligence (AI) use. See at https://icsoba.org/policies/.

ICSOBA 2024 Conference Programme

ICSOBA 2024 is planned as 3-days technical conference arranged in 4 streams with one full day for technical field trips.

  • Sunday 27 October pm – registration, welcome reception,
  • Monday 28 October to Wednesday 30 October – Keynotes and technical sessions,
  • Tuesday 29 October – Gala Dinner,
  • Thursday 31 October - Field trips.

Keynote Speakers of ICSOBA 2024

Guillaume Bastien

Guillaume Bastien

Vice President,
Alteo, Gardanne, France
Short Bio
Alteo Gardanne Refinery -130 years of Adaptation to Meet the Dual Challenge of Environmental Protection and Added Value
Alan Clark

Alan Clark

Founder and a director,
CM Group, Glenelg, South Australia
Short Bio
Guinea’s Golden Decade of Bauxite Export Growth
Perrine Faye

Perrine Faye

Global head of Editorial & Pricing,
Fastmarkets, London, United Kingdom
Short Bio
Low-carbon Aluminium: Market Dynamics and Pathway to Green Transition
Sylvie Fraysse

Sylvie Fraysse

General Manager, Aluminium Technology Solutions,
Rio Tinto, Voreppe, France
Short Bio
Rio Tinto, The Organization Facing Aluminium’s Technological and Environmental Challenges
Guillaume de Goÿs

Guillaume de Goÿs

Aluminium Dunkerque, Loon-Plage, France
Short Bio
Pioneering Sustainable Aluminium: Aluminium Dunkerque's Decarbonization and Partnership Strategy
Alex Lowery

Alex Lowery

General Manager,
Wise Chem, New Albany, Ohio, USA
Short Bio
Preventing Molten Metal Explosions in Smelters
Loïc Maenner

Loïc Maenner

Managing Director,
TRIMET France, Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, France
Short Bio
10 Years of TRIMET France, A Success Story
Tim Murray

Tim Murray

Chief Executive Officer,
Cardinal Virtues Consulting, Mechanicsville, Virginia, United States
Short Bio
Creating a Safety Culture
Uday Patel

Uday Patel

Senior Research Manager, Global Aluminium Markets,
Wood Mackenzie, London, United Kingdom
Short Bio
Aluminium Market Outlook: Reaching an Inflection Point?
Miles Prosser

Miles Prosser

Secretary General,
International Aluminium Institute, London, United Kingdom
Short Bio
Can the Aluminium Industry Meet Global Climate Change Targets?
Kanakanand Sokkuraj

Kanakanand Sokkuraj

President & Head of Manufacturing Centre of Excellence, Hindalco Industries Limited,
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Short Bio
Journey of Hindalco as an Integrated Aluminium Producer
Guillaume Bastien

Guillaume Bastien

Alan Clark

Alan Clark

Perrine Faye

Perrine Faye

Sylvie Fraysse

Sylvie Fraysse

Guillaume de Goÿs

Guillaume de Goÿs

Alex Lowery

Alex Lowery

Loïc Maenner

Loïc Maenner

Tim Murray

Tim Murray

Uday Patel

Uday Patel

Miles Prosser

Miles Prosser

Kanakanand Sokkuraj

Kanakanand Sokkuraj

Key Dates

  • 1 February 2024 Call for papers
  • 15 March 2024 Abstract submission deadline
  • 31 March 2024 Abstract acceptance notification
  • 1 June 2024 Full paper submission deadline
  • 15 June 2024 Registration starts
  • 30 June 2024 Notification to authors that paper has been received and will be considered for publication
  • 1 August 2024 Draft conference program published
  • 15 September 2024 Presentation submission deadline
  • 27 October 2024 Conference starts

Conference Venues

The conference is set at the Lyon Convention Centre, a unique event complex with magnificent views over the Rhône river, the hills of Lyon and a beautiful park.


With its avant-garde architecture in the heart of the Cité internationale designed by Renzo Piano, state-of-the-art facilities and a pleasant environment next to the Parc de la Tête d'Or, the Lyon Convention Centre can compete with all major international convention centres. Inspired by ancient Gallo-Roman constructions, the venue has an Amphitheatre that is unrivalled in Europe, with a 180° semi-circular hall opening onto the stage area. This prestigious event complex in the heart of the city centre hosts more than 300 events a year, including major international conferences.


The venue is equipped with state-of-the-art Internet connections with high-quality Wi-Fi and 4G access, thanks to fibre optics installed throughout the building.

Located in the Cité internationale complex, the Lyon Convention Centre has a host of on-site services and amenities: parking, hotels, restaurants, cinema theaters, casino, museum, etc.


The conference headquarter hotel is the Marriott Cité Internationale, a 3 minutes’ walk from the Convention Centre. 


As usual, a block or room is booked for the conference participants. Registration instructions will become available at a later stage.


Lyon Convention Centre

Hotel booking instructions

A limited block or room is booked for the conference participants who can use the dedicated link for hotel booking with a discount rate. Reservations will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis:


Book Your Group/Corporate Rate | Marriott International


Lyon Marriott Hotel Cité Internationale

ICSOBA 2024 Gala Dinner

Enjoy an evening in one of the iconic Lyon’s restaurants managed by the Paul Bocuse (3 Michelin stars) company. Dinner is taking place in the Grand Limonaire room (an organ equivalent to 110 musicians).


Bocuse Restaurants

Social events - Sunday 27/10 - Memorial Trip to the Maurienne Valley

Join for a full day trip to the “Aluminium Valley”, the place of early aluminium industrial production in France.


The trip will highlight these historical sites and includes a visit of the Aluminium Museum of Saint Michel de Maurienne.


Participation requires specific registration.

The trip is subject to a minimum of 15 registrations and limited to 50.

Social events - Monday 28/10 - Cruse cocktail dinner party on the Rhône and Saône rivers

Event details:

- Boarding on the Hermes boat at 19h30 directly on the Lyon Convention Centre dock

- Cruse cocktail dinner from 20h and return to the Convention Centre dock around 22h30

- Comments on the main points of interest of the Lyon city during the Cruse.


This social event is given in honour of our Diamond Sponsor: Fives company.

The words of our sponsor: Meet Fives management during this scenic evening. During the cruse you will have the opportunity to interact with Fives representatives and hear how the company leverages its technological leadership to help industry in reducing its environmental footprint through groundbreaking technologies and digital solutions. We are looking forward to welcoming you onboard to develop and strengthen our industrial partnerships.


Participation requires specific registration.

This social event is strictly limited to 160 participants allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Social events - Wednesday 30/10 - Fun cocktail dinner party at Fort de Vaise

Event details:

- Departure at 19h30 from Marriott hotel by bus to the picturesque Fort de Vaise, downtown Lyon city

- Cocktail dinner from 20h and return to the Marriott hotel around 22h30

- Enjoy the last night of the conference with DJ music, casino gaming, …


This social event is given in honour of our Diamond Sponsor: Reel company.

The words of our sponsor: Reel invites you for an evening of information and networking. The evening is dedicated to connecting with our Aluminium experts and executives. This will also be a unique opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders, discuss future projects and discover our latest innovative solutions. We look forward to welcoming you and fostering valuable collaborations and partnerships in this inspiring setting.


Participation requires specific registration.

This social events is strictly limited to 160 participants allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


Fort de Vaise

Technical Field Trips

Aluminium Dunkerque Smelter

The Aluminium Dunkerque Smelter is located at about 750 km from Lyon. The program includes a TGV return trip from Lyon (with an option for a one-way visit to Paris, Brussels or London).


Aluminium Dunkerque is pleased to offer you the opportunity to visit its primary aluminum production plant on October 31, 2024.


France's last major primary aluminum smelter, Aluminium Dunkerque specializes in the manufacture of slabs and ingots, in a wide variety of alloys, for high value-added applications in the automotive, transport and packaging sectors.


The foundry was built in France in the 1990s, right next to the Gravelines nuclear power plant, which supplies it with carbon-free energy.


The architect who designed the plant was inspired by the surrounding sand dunes and provided a tree-lined central patio, the starting point for the operational areas - and for your visit !


The tour will take you through the 3 production departments:

  • In the Carbon department, you'll pass through the automated anode storage area and get a glimpse of the baking furnace.
  • In the Reduction department, equipped with 264 AP30 pots powered at 400 kA, overhead travelling cranes can move from one hall to another thanks to a conveyor crane.
  • In the Casting shop, you'll see 3 vertical direct-casting machines and an ingot line, 7 furnaces supplying a capacity of 300 kt/year in rolling slabs and foundry ingots.

Weather permitting, the visit will be completed by a bus tour of the plant, to the deep-water port where raw materials are unloaded.


Already one of the world's leading producers of low-carbon aluminum, Aluminium Dunkerque is accelerating its energy and environmental transition with its ambitious decarbonization project called LowCAl : this Low Carbon Aluminium strategy, will also be presented.


Alteo Gardanne Alumina Refinery

The Alteo Gardanne Alumina refinery located approximatively at 320 km from Lyon. The program includes a return trip from Lyon using the TGV high speed train.


Alteo offers a tour of its historic bauixte residue storage center, operating as a lagooning from 1900 to 1970, then as a dry-storage from 2006 until its rehabilitation in 2022.


The unique feature of this center, located 4 km from the alumina refinery, is its location between 2 valleys that were intically filled to store these residues.


The evolution of this site is amazing, particularly over the last 5 years iwth the creation of rainfall recovery pond and the profiling and composting of the storage compartement.


To complement the visit to the storage site, participants will also be given a brief overview of the refinery and its industrial transformation during a bus tour. Participants will be able to appreciate the scale and complexity of the refinery. It is also an opportunity to illustrate the company's commitment to environmental sustainability. In short, this bus tour offers participants a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of alumina by discovering the plant - the cradle of the Bayer process - which has been located in Gardanne for 130 years.


ICSOBA 2024 Student Award

ICSOBA is delighted to announce its 2024 Student Award Program. This program aims to provide support to students and young scientists involved in the field of primary aluminium production to present and publish their research outcome at ICSOBA Conference.


Its objective is to foster the exchange of ideas, recognize students' contributions to the advancement of science and technology, and promote education and training opportunities for the younger generation.


All eligible applications will undergo a thorough review by the ICSOBA award committee, and applicants will be notified of the results no later than 31st of July. Each awardee will receive a grant of 1000 USD.


If you are currently enrolled in a Master’s or Ph.D. program, or if you are a postdoctoral fellow at a university, we encourage you to download the Application Form. Once completed, please submit the form to Houshang.alamdari@gmn.ulaval.ca

Registration and Visa Support

Registration is Now Open!

To register, please use ConfTool https://www.conftool.net/icsoba2024/ which is customized for the ICSOBA 2024 Conference.

Several changes in conference fees and refund policy are implemented this year triggered by last years’ experience, to minimize waste (catering) and reduce last minute workload.

Those regarding the field trip organisation and cost are required by the specific location of the visited plants and the long-distance travel from the conference city.

Please refer to the ICSOBA 2024 1st Circular for payment and refund policy for ICSOBA 2024.

Conference fee structure

up to 31/7
Early Bird
1/8 - 30/9
1/10 - 15/10
16/10 - 30/10
Last Minute
Speaker 1000 US$ 1000 US$ n/a n/a
Participant 1000 US$ 1200 US$ 1500 US$ 2100 US$
Student, Retired 400 US$ 400 US$ 500 US$ 700 US$
Exhibitor participant 900 US$ 1080 US$ 1350 US$ 1890 US$
Online participant 400 US$ 400 US$ 400 US$ 400 US$

Optional Events

Sunday 27/10 "memorial" trip 50 US$ 50 US$ 50 US$ 50 US$
Monday 28/10 social event 50 US$ 50 US$ 50 US$ 50 US$
Wednesday 28/10 social event 50 US$ 50 US$ 50 US$ 50 US$

Field trips

Refinery visit return trip 200 US$ 200 US$ 250 US$ 350 US$
Smelter visit return trip 300 US$ 300 US$ 375 US$ 525 US$
Smelter visit one way trip 200 US$ 200 US$ 250 US$ 350 US$


TRAVAUX No. 53 350 US$ 350 US$ 350 US$ 350 US$

Refund policy

Refund Full refund less 50$ administrative fees 25% refund
Registration automatic cancellation 24/7 23/9 11/10 23/10

Visa Support and Invitation

Please check if visa is needed for your trip, then contact ICSOBA organizers at info@icsoba.org.

If you need an invitation letter for obtaining your visa for France, you will be able to download it directly from ConfTool when registered.

A participation letter for your employer is also available from ConfTool if required.

ICSOBA 2024 Sponsors

It wouldn’t be possible to organize the event without the strong support of our sponsors. Please pay tribute to their continuous support to ICSOBA by visiting their websites:

Host Sponsors

Diamond Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Sponsorship Opportunities

As you well know, organizing such conference would simply not be possible without the strong support of our Conference Sponsors.

ICSOBA conference, “The technology Conference of the Aluminium Industry, for the Aluminium Industry”, gives opportunity to your Company to maximize its exposure to the primary aluminium decision makers and influencing technologists.

Please consult the Sponsors Fees and Benefit which illustrates the different options for on-site benefit but also through the Whova application, which will be used both by the on-site and the online delegates.

If you are willing to support ICSOBA activities and to showcase your Company at ICSOBA 2024, feel free to contact claude.vanvoren@icsoba.org for any further information.

Short Courses Program

2nd Electrolysis Short Course

ICSOBA has the honour to announce the 2nd Aluminium Electrolysis Short Course.


The course will be held in Lyon from 24 to 26 October 2024 at the Marriott Cité Internationale Hotel.


It will be a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field about the electrolysis process, both theoretical and practical aspects.


Please find more information at the Course Flyer.


Register soon – there are a limited number of seats available!!!


To register please contact Dagoberto Severo: dagoberto.severo@icsoba.org.


Marriott Cité Internationale

1st Bayer Process Short Course

The Short Course on Bayer process will give essential understanding of bauxites, methods and equipment for their processing from leading experts of the industry. 


The course will be held in Lyon from 24 to 26 October 2024 at the Marriott Cité Internationale Hotel.


Please see the Course Flyer for more details.


To register please contact Dagoberto Severo: dagoberto.severo@icsoba.org.


Marriott Cité Internationale

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ICSOBA 2024 President

Guillaume de Goÿs

Guillaume de Goÿs

CEO, Aluminium Dunkerque
Short Bio
More than 200 years ago, in the south of France, geologist Pierre Berthier discovered a mineral containing more than 50% aluminium oxide - later known as bauxite, after the French village where it was found: "Les Baux de Provence". In 1854, Henri Sainte-Claire Deville carried out the first industrial production of aluminium in Paris. In 1859, he published a work on aluminium in which he predicted its future use: "Aluminium will probably become an everyday metal". Since then, France is proud to be part of the industrial history of alumina and aluminium. Therefore, on behalf of Alteo , Aluminium Dunkerque , Rio Tinto and Trimet, as well as the entire "Aluminium France" association, I have the honor and the pleasure to welcome you to the 42nd edition of ICSOBA. We are convinced that sharing our work and our knowledge will contribute to finding better ways to produce the aluminium the world needs to become even more sustainable. I wish you a good and fruitful conference!
About ICSOBA presidents

About the Host Sponsors

Alteo is a world leader in the production of specialty alumina and develops products with high added value. Headquartered in Gardanne in Provence for more than a century, Alteo is also established in 16 countries around the world and exports its products to over sixty countries.

Owned by the industrial group UMSI, Alteo has more than 400 employees and achieved in 2022 a turnover of 184 million euros, over 86% of which is achieved on the international market.

As the only specialty alumina production site in France with internationally recognized expertise, the group places R&D, innovation, and sustainable development at the heart of its growth strategy. Alteo has successfully completed its industrial transformation by 2022 with the end of bauxite refining, while guaranteeing the stable quality of its raw material. Thus, Alteo has developed a modern and efficient industrial tool that allows it to develop on four key markets: advanced ceramics, high-performance refractories, battery separators and charges for heat dissipation.

More info



France's last major primary aluminium plant, Aluminium Dunkerque specializes in the manufacture of slabs and ingots, in a wide variety of alloys, for high value-added applications in the automotive, transport and packaging sectors.

Major player in primary aluminium in Europe, the plant has been in Loon-Plage, Northern France, since 1991, at the heart of an area that is now strongly committed to decarbonizing its industries.

As one of the world leaders in low-carbon aluminium production, Aluminium Dunkerque has reduced its emissions (scope 1 and 2) by 17% since 2013 and emits four times less greenhouse gases than the global average for the sector.

On the strength of these assets, the company intends to play a major role in the European production of low-carbon aluminium for the benefit of its customers and communities. It is accelerating its energy and environmental transition as part of an ambitious decarbonization project called LowCAl.

More info



Rio Tinto is one of the world's leading metals and mining companies with a global workforce of over 52,000 and an extensive portfolio of operating assets spanning 35 countries. We find better ways to provide the materials the world needs to grow and decarbonise. These metals and minerals are found everywhere in everyday life: aluminium for cars, copper for renewable energy technologies, iron ore for the steel in our cities and lithium for electric vehicles.

Rio Tinto is a global leader in aluminium, with a large-scale, vertically-integrated business: bauxite mines and alumina refineries as well as smelters which, in Canada, are powered entirely by clean, renewable energy. Our unique assets allow us to provide aluminium certified as responsible with a low-carbon footprint, traceable from mine to metal. Through its Matalco joint venture, Rio Tinto also offers customers a diverse portfolio of recycled aluminium solutions, and our ELYSIS joint venture with Alcoa is developing a disruptive technology that eliminates all direct greenhouse gas emissions from the aluminium smelting process.

Follow the Rio Tinto website for more information.

More info



As an innovative, medium-sized, family-owned company, TRIMET develops, produces, recycles, casts, and sells modern light-metal products made of aluminium at nine locations. A staff of about 2,400 ensure, together with our customers, that automobiles are more economical, aircraft are lighter, wind turbines and electricity plants are more efficient, buildings are more modern, and packaging is more ecological. TRIMET has acquired a unique knowledge of materials since its beginnings in 1985, and has retained three things in particular: authenticity, reliability and, of course, its passion for aluminium.

TRIMET France has two production factories: the Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne aluminium smelter in Savoie, one of the first in the world; and the Castelsarrasin foundry in Tarn-et-Garonne. Both companies have more than 100 years of industrial know-how and expertise. They are constantly updating their production facilities to guarantee high-quality, competitive products. With its two factories in France, TRIMET France produces primary aluminium for its industrial customers and offers them a wide range of products tailored to their needs: aluminium wire rod, primary foundry alloy, rolling slabs and T-bar ingots.

More info



Contact us

For more information please contact

us at info@icsoba.org