37th International Conference and Exhibition ICSOBA 2019










  • The 37th International Conference and Exhibition of ICSOBA (The International Committee for Study of Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium) was held from 16 to 20 September 2019 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
  • The Conference was a joint eventwith 25th “Aluminium of Siberia” Conference within XI International Congress & Exhibition “Non-Ferrous Metals and Minerals” (NFM).
  • The Conference obtained support from RUSAL, the host sponsor and attracted 546 delegates from 34 countries and continents, including Asia, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Africa, the America’s and Caribbean. From Russia alone above 300 delegates contributed to this successful event.
  • Very highquality papers were selected for presentations (107) and published in the volume 48 of TRAVAUX conference proceedings.

    ICSOBA 2019 Conference Program

  • Corporate Members representatives gathered on Monday 16 September for the ICSOBA corporate members council to give their inputs to ISCOBA strategy.
  • All delegates being ICSOBA members met on Tuesday 17 September for ICSOBA members meeting:

    ICSOBA 2019 Members Meeting presentation

  • During the Conference, 50 different companies staged an exhibition of latest technologies, equipment and other devices for the bauxite, alumina and aluminium industry.
  • The last day of the conference was devoted to technical field trip to explore local operations of RUSAL: Achinsk alumina refinery, Khakas aluminium smelter, and to Krasnoyarsk aluminium smelter.
  • An overview of the whole conference can be download here:

    ICSOBA 2019 Post conference release

More Photos of the 37th ICSOBA conference see here

More Photos of the 37th ICSOBA conference see here

More Photos of the 37th ICSOBA conference see here

More Photos of the 37th ICSOBA conference see here

Plant Visits

Birth of Russian aluminium industry took place in 1932 with the creation of Volkhov aluminium smelter near Leningrad. Since that time, over 10 alumina refineries and 15 aluminium smelters have been built in USSR / CIS countries using domestic and imported raw materials. The unique feature of Russian aluminium industry is that the absence of high quality local bauxites and strategic reasons led to creation of unique technologies to process domestic low-grade bauxites and non-bauxitic raw materials such as nepheline, clays and alunite. The nepheline technology allows converting of all ore components to useful products including besides alumina, soda ash and cement. Most of the aluminium smelters in Russia are using hydropower, maintaining one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry. Big attention is paid in Russia on developing new products, including new types of alloys and is upgrading its production facilities.

Technical field trips took place on 16 September to three different plants of RUSAL:

  • Achinsk Alumina Refinery, the unique alumina plant in the world, processing nepheline instead of bauxite;
  • Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter, the largest Söderberg smelter in the world;
  • Khakass Aluminium Smelter, one of the most modern smelters with most advanced RA-550 smelting technology.


During the Conference a 2160 m2 Exhibition took place representing the latest technologies, equipment and other devices for the aluminium industry. The organising partner for exhibition was Non-Ferrous Metals of Siberia.

Exhibition Floor Plan


ICSOBA 2019 President: Viktor Mann
General Coordination: Claude Vanvoren, Frank Feret, Andrey Panov, Matthieu Arlettaz, Olga Popova, Margarita Berngardt
Program Directors: Michel Reverdy, Peter Polyakov
Subject Organisers: Stephan Beaulieu / Andrey Panov (alumina)
Vinko Potocnik / Victor Buzunov (aluminium)
Matthieu Arlettaz / Yuri Frantsev (carbon)
Reviewers (in addition to Subject Organisers and program directors): Alessio Scarsella, Linus Perander, Steven Healy, Martin Fennell, Robert LaMacchia (alumina)
Yasar Kocaefe, Dagoberto Severo, Stephan Broek, André-Felipe Schneider, Alexander Arkhipov (aluminium)
Houshang Alamdari (carbon)

Student Grants

This year ICSOBA subsidized participation of four students in the event: QuivenInoqueEbicha (Mozambique), John Anawati (Toronto University), Fedorov Aleksey and ElDeeb Amr (both of St. Petersburg Mining University).


ICSOBA 2019 Medal

As in the past, the "ICSOBA Commemorative Medal" constitutes a special recognition and may be awarded only to a small number of recipients each year, who achieved significant scientific or practical results withinthe field of work, or who notably strengthened ICSOBA organization or promoted itsinternational scientific and industrial cooperation.

At ICSOBA 2019 in Krasnoyarsk only one medal was awarded, which went to Viktor Mann, Technical Director at UC RUSAL, President of ICSOBA (2018-2019) for welcoming ICSOBA in Russia and facilitating the organization of the highly successful conference, thus seeing to ICSOBA’s prosperity and growth.

2019 Satisfaction Survey

Following the event, an online Krasnoyarsk conference satisfaction survey was carried out among the participants. The comprehensive results of the survey composed of 42 questions lead to the selected conclusions as follows:

  • Response rate of 41% demonstrates the overall interest from delegates to ICSOBA organization and conferences.
  • ICSOBA DNA key elements (i.e. balanced upstream/midstream; rotating conference place, field trips) are again overwhelmingly approved.
  • Having a theme for the conference and organising an associated workshop are well received.
  • Technical quality and content, applicability, as well as innovative nature of the papers are well rated and slightly better then last year (all around 70-80%).
  • Keynote presentations rating was somewhat lower than last year (60% vs 70% for 2018). Technical Keynote as session introduction was strongly supported.
  • There was balanced representation of different categories of delegates (producers, suppliers and universities) each got about one third of the total number of participants. Same conclusion for interest and attendance: B&A (48%) perfectly balanced with Carbon + Smelting (48%).
  • Registration process, staff support, and networking obtained one of the best ratings. Whova is seen as an additional help in this field and is overwhelmingly seen as useful or very useful (80%).
  • Very good rating was obtained regarding organization, conference materials and payment process through ConfTool, followed by exhibition and field trips.
  • Social media are identified as preferred communication channel with our members slightly ahead of traditional mailing, website or newsletter. Leveraging digital tools is very well supported (72%).