22 – 24 November 2021
Virtual Conference

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Michel Reverdy, Andrey Panov, Carlos Suarez, Thymis Balomenos, Houshang Alamdari, Vinko Potocnik


The three-day virtual ICSOBA conference took place on 22, 23 and 24 November 2021. The conference covered bauxite, alumina, bauxite residue, carbon for aluminium electrolysis, aluminium production, and aluminium recycling in a variety of technical sessions. We were fortunate to have Alba as the Host Sponsor fully committed and motivated to support ICSOBA in this endeavor.

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Сonference materials

KN01 - The Energy Transition and the Challenge of Supply Development
KN02 - Moving to CO2-neutral alumina and aluminium production at Norsk Hydro
KN03 - Alcoa’s Advance Sustainably Strategy: The Alcoa Pathway to Sustainability in the Aluminum Industry
KN04 - Waste management in Aluminium Industry - key to Circular Economy
KN05 - Environmental, Social and Governance Strategies Should Be Central to African Mineral Value Chains
KN06 - Large Scale Green Hydrogen Production to Help Decarbonizing the Aluminium Sector
KN07 - Green Aluminium and China
KN08 - Sustainability in the Aluminium Industry – challenges and opportunities
KN09 - Aluminium Market Outlook: A tectonic shift or a temporary blip
KN10 - ASI - Responsible Production, Sourcing and Stewardship of Aluminium
BX01 - Development of a Model For Optimization of Bauxite Sources to Achieve Operational Excellence in Alumina Refinery 
BX02 - Utilization of Decanter Centrifuge for Dewatering of Bauxite Tailings
BX03 - Research on the Microstructure and Reaction Properties of Ferrous Mineral in Laos Bauxite
BX04 - Experimental Study on Flotation Desilication of a High Iron Bauxite in Southwest China
BX05 - The Desulfurization Desilication Study on Technology of Low grade High-sulfur Bauxite in Western Henan
AA01 - The Improved Low Temperature Digestion (ILTD) Process and its Recent Developments
AA02 - The Hydrochemical Series Process for Low Grade Diasporic Bauxite
AA03 - The Effects of Washed Seed on Sodium Oxalate Precipitation and Particle Size Distribution
AA04 - Soda-lime Sintering Process for Aluminium Electrolytic Carbon Dross
AA05 - Process and Design Optimization for Producing Low Soda Alumina
AA06 - Process for Preparing Pseudo-Boehmite from Aluminium Trihydrate
AA07 - Extraction of Al and Rare Earth Elements from Boehmite-Kaolinite Bauxite by Ammonium Bisulfate High-Pressure Leaching
AA08 - High Alumina Mullite Concentrate Obtained from Reftinskaya TTP Coal Fly Ash by Alkaline Desilication
AA09 - Utilization of Reftinskaya TPP Coal Fly Ash by Ammonium Bisulfate High-Pressure Leaching for Aluminum Extraction
AA10 - Study of Settling Behavior in High Rate Decanters
AA11 - Implementation of Thickener Feedwells Upgraded Using CFD-PBM Method at UC RUSAL
AA12 - Improvement in Control Strategy to Maximize Productivity and Enhance Hydrate Particle Strength in Bayer Precipitation Circuit
AA13 - Hydrocyclones Productivity Impact in the Alumina Industry
AA14 - Corrosion Performance of Superhex Heater Tubes Exposed to Alumina Refinery Plant Conditions
AA15 - Development and Application of an Organic Carbon Detection Device for Sodium Aluminate Solution
AA16 - Volume Control at CBA’s Alumina Refinery
AA17 - Leveraging Digital Technology in Utkal Alumina Expansion Project
AA18 - Artificial Intelligence for Gibbsite Crystallization Control at CBA
AA19 - Green Alumina a Technological Roadmap
AA20 - The Transition to Low Carbon in Alumina Refining
AA21 - Energy Optimization through a Metso Outotec Process Control Optimizer in Fluid Bed Alumina Calciner at CBA
AA22 - Freshwater Free Alumina Refinery
BR01 - 100 % Utilization of Bauxite Residue in Cement Plants - Hindalco Experience
BR02 - Case Study of a Potential Large-Scale Application for Bauxite Residue in the Composition of Paver Blocks: Evaluations of Producing, Building and Monitoring Performance and Durability
BR03 - Co-calcination of Bauxite Residue with Kaolinite to Enhance its Performance as Supplementary Cementitious Material
BR04 - Bauxite By-Products as Mineral Admixtures for Portland Cements
BR05 - Effect of Combination of Fly Ash and Bauxite Residue on the Fresh and Hardened States Properties of Cement Compositions
BR06 - Impact of Using Bauxite Residue in Association with Portland Cement during the Early Age of Suspensions
BR07 - Transforming Bauxite Residue into an Alternative Cement via Vitrification, a Scalable Solution?
BR08 - Use of Bauxite Residue as Raw Material for Low-Carbon FerriteBelite Cements: Prediction of the Crystalline Phases Using Thermodynamic Modelling
BR09 - Bauxite Residue Reuse through Combined Operations: Industrial Pilot Modules
BR10 - Process for the Recovery of Alumina and Iron from Bauxite Residue
BR11 - Developing a Parallel-to-Aluminium Value Chain for Scandium and Al-Sc Alloy Production. Pilot Scale Results under the SCALE Project
BR12 - A Novel Process of Heap Leaching Extraction of Sc, Zr, Ti, Al, Na from Bauxite Residue with Carbon Footprint Reduction
BR13 - Experimental Research on Preparation of Ultra-low-density Ceramsite Proppant with Bauxite Waste Rock
BR14 - Preparation of Nanocrystalline TiO2-coated Bauxite Residue and Investigation of its Photocatalytic Activity
BR15 - Aughinish Biodiversity
BR16 - Improvement of Discharged Water Quality by Alteo Gardanne
BR17 - Methods of Measurement and Improvement of Rheological Properties of Bauxite Residue
BR18 - Citric, Ascorbic and Acetic Acids for Bauxite Residue pH Neutralization and their Effects on the Sodalite Phase
CB01 - Production of Bio-Binders from Pyrolysis Condensates and its Interaction with Calcined Petroleum Coke
CB02 - Automated Monitoring of Deformed Anode Baking Furnace Pits
CB03 - Packing Material in Carbon Baking Furnaces
CB04 - A Numerical Analysis of the Mechanical Behavior of Coke Aggregates under Monotonic and Cyclic Loadings
CB05 - Water Injection in the Fluewalls of an Anode Baking Furnace to Reduce Nitrogen Oxide Emissions
CB06 - Determination of the Pitch Level in Green Anode Using Image Analysis
CB07 - The First Rhodax Green Anode Plant in China
CB08 - Studies on Influence of Recycled Anode Butts on Properties of Prebaked Anodes used in Aluminium Electrolysis
CB09 - Automatic Butt Control in Rodding Shop, Feedback after Two Years of Industrial Operation
AL01 - The Roadmap of AP-ALBA to 400 kA
AL02 - Amperage Increase in DX+ Ultra Demonstration Cells at EGA’s Jebel Ali Smelter
AL03 - The Study, Execution and Handover to Operations of a Smelter Potline Extension at EGA Al Taweelah Smelter
AL04 - Reduction of Energy Consumption at Khakass Aluminum Smelter
AL05 - Review of the SAMI Retrofit Project in QTX Smelter in China
AL06 - Heat Exchanger Prototype for Alumina Preheating in Aluminium Reduction Cells
AL07 - “Two-Step” Preheating of New Anodes with Anode Butts Wasted Heat
AL08 - Experimental Study and Visualization of the Thermal and Dissolution Flux Using Schlieren Methods to Improve the Understanding of the Kinetics of Alumina Dissolution in Cryolitic Melts
AL09 - Challenges of Anode Spikes in Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA)
AL10 - Carbon Dust Metrics for Cell and Plant Process Audits
AL11 - Impact of Carbon Dust on Performance of Hall Heroult Cell: A Computational Analysis
AL12 - Coating of Anodes to Reduce Air Oxidation
AL13 - Ongoing Development of Aluminium Welding in Strong Magnetic Fields
AL14 - Welding Damaged Risers and Busbars without Potline Outage
AL15 - Potlife and Pot Design Evolution at Alcoa Deschambault
AL16 - Pot Turnaround Time Reduction at Mahan Aluminium to Enhance Productivity
AL17 - A Novel Cathode Design Using Copper Collector Bars for High Amperage Technologies
AL18 - Design and Performance of a Full Copper Collector Bar Pot at EGA
AL19 - Automation of Ramming Process for Aluminum Reduction Cell
AL20 - A Thermoelectrical Approach for the Modelling of Different Ledge Regions in Aluminum Reduction Cells
AL21 - Graphite Foil Barrier Material for Reduction Cells with Improved Service Temperature
AL22 - Valorization of Treated Spend Pot Lining Byproduct from the Primary Aluminum Production as Supplementary Cementitious Materials
AL23 - Numerical Simulation of the Voltage Drop with Different Bubbles under the Anode
AL24 - Protection Against Open Circuit in ALPSYS Pot Control System
AL25 - System Development and Application for Preventing the Explosion of Aluminum Reduction Cell Bypass Shunts
AL26 - Heat Dissipation Study in Hall- Héroult Cells During Power Outage
AL27 - Aluminium Sector Historical Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trends Over the Last Two Decades
AL28 - Towards Sustainable Zero Waste in Alba
AL29 - Excess Bath Material - Sustainable Solutions to an Environmental Liability
AL30 - CBA Green Søderberg Technology
AL31 - Challenging Tailormade Solutions, Implementing New Conveying Equipment into Existing Systems
AL32 - Pot Integrated ABART (PIA) Gas Treatment
AL33 - CFD Modelling of Particle-Laden Gas Flow and Filtration Through Porous Media
AL34 - Tools for Detecting Process Disruptions in Aluminium Production Based on Data Mining Techniques
AL35 - Pot Abnormality Tracking System (PAT) for Critical Pot Detection
AL36 - Analytics-Driven Control for Anode Effect Reduction in 85 kA Pots
AL37 - Use of Advanced Analytics to Forecast Low Efficiency Pots
AL38 - Portable Elemental Analysis Device for Real-Time Chemical Analysis of Aluminium
AL39 - Profitability Increase in Aluminium Smelter Potroom Using Real-Time Elemental Analysis from Liquid Metal Based on LP-LIBS
AL40 - Operational Advances in Melting and Holding Furnaces with In-Furnace Cameras and Laser Level Systems
AL41 - Right Time to Invest in India for Greenfield Aluminium Smelters and EIL’s Role as EPCM Consultant
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KN01 - The Energy Transition and the Challenge of Supply Development

Authors: Julian Kettle - Wood Mackenzie

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