16 – 18 November 2020
Virtual Conference

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Michel Reverdy, Andrey Panov, Houshang Alamdari, Vinko Potocnik


The 38th International Conference and Exhibition of ICSOBA (The International Committee for Study of Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium) was held from 16 to 18 November 2020 online. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the ICSOBA 2020 was held as a virtual event to ensure the health, safety and comfort for all delegates, in line with our vision to be “the technology conference of the aluminium industry, for the aluminium industry”

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Сonference materials

KN01 -  Alba’s Journey to 1.5 Million Tonnes Site Capacity - Challenges and Opportunities 
KN02 - Growth of Indian Aluminium Industry and Vedanta 
KN03 - China’s Aluminium Industry – Why It Is in Seriously Bad Health
KN04 - Long Term Sustainability of the Aluminium Sector (2020-2050)
KN05 -  Aluminium Market Outlook Across the Value Chain 
KN06 -  Aluminium Market Outlook Across the Value Chain 
BX01 -   Reduction of Bauxite Moisture Using Concentrated Solar Energy 
BX02 -    Dry Beneficiation of Bauxite Minerals Using a Tribo-Electrostatic Belt Separator 
BX03 -   Bauxite Tailings Valorization: From Test Works to Industrial Scale Up 
BX04 -   Research on Comprehensive Utilization of Bauxite Resources 
BX05 -  Beneficiation Aspects of Low-grade Unutilized Materials (Partially Lateritised Khondalite and Laterite) Associated with Bauxite Mine 
BX06 -   Industrial experimental study on desulfurization of high-sulfur bauxite under coal mines 
BX07 -   Enhanced Desiccation of Bauxite Tailings by Solar Drying  
BX08 -   Experimental Research on Preparation of Low Density and High Strength Oil Fracturing Proppant with Bauxite Beneficiation Tailings 
AA01 - Improvement of Mud Circuit Efficiency while Processing East Coast Bauxite of India 
AA02 - Technology Options for Mixed Bauxites 
AA03 - Further Development of RUSAL’s Alumochloride Technology for Alumina Production from Non-Bauxite Resources 
AA04 - Bauxite Particle Size Requirements for the Bayer Process: Back to Basics 
AA05 - Design and Analysis for the Optimization of Synthesis Technological Conditions of Tricalcium Aluminate Hexahydrate 
AA06 - The Effects of Suspended Solids in Green Liquor on the Quality of Product During the Precipitation Process 
AA07 - Effect of CGM on the Particle Size of Aluminum Hydroxide During the Seed Addition to a Sodium Aluminate Solution 
AA08 - Performance of Wide-Channel Welded Plate Heat Exchanger for Bayer Precipitation Process 
AA09 - Improved Flow for Y-Flume Launders on Alumina Precipitation Tanks  
AA10 - Predictive Analysis of Industrial Precipitation Cycles Using Population Balance and Deep Learning Methods 
AA11 - Boehmite Precipitation Kinetics and Calcination Study for Metallurgical Grade Alumina Production 
AA12 - The Hydrate Dryer Story – From Lab to Industrial Implementation 
AA13 - CFD Modeling of Gas Suspension Calciner in an Alumina Refinery 
AA14 - The Role of the Alumina Refinery Laboratory: Monitoring, Optimisation and Control of the Bayer Process 
AA15 - Online FTIR Analysis for Improved Efficiency in Alumina Production 
AA16 - Iron Removal from Bayer Liquor: The Ma’aden Alumina Refinery Experience 
AA17 - Characteristics of Sodium Oxalate Precipitates from the Bayer Precipitation Process. 
AA18 - Improving Whiteness of Alumina Trihydrate through Reduction in Colored Organics in Bayer Liquor 
AA19 - The Behaviour of Zinc in the Bayer Process 
AA20 - The Behavior and Removal of Bauxite Zinc in the Bayer Process 
AA21 - The Influence of Process Parameters on Removing Iron, Zinc and Copper Impurities from Synthetic Bayer Liquor 
AA22 - Bayer Process Heat Exchanger Tube with High Corrosion Resistance in Diluted Sulphuric Acid 
AA23 - Preparation of Metallurgical Grade Alumina from Coal Fly Ash 
AA24 - High Purity Aluminas for Advanced Ceramics Applications 
AA25 - Process Innovation and Technology Progress of Bayer-Sintering Series Method 
AA26 - Importance of Water Balance in an Alumina Refinery 
BR01 - Evaluation of Bauxite Residue Rehabilitation Strategy: One Year Monitoring Assessment 
BR02 - Bauxite Residue Disposal: One-Step Towards Conversion from Wet to Dry Disposal 
BR03 - Study on Restoration of Bauxite Residue by Salt-Alkali Tolerant Bacteria 
BR04 - Comparison of Lime and Carbon Dioxide Methods of Bauxite Residue Neutralization 
BR05 - Bauxite Residue Supported Ag Nanoparticles: A Highly Effective and Recyclable Catalyst for Hydrogenation of p-Nitrophenol 
BR06 - Investigating the Leaching, Desilication and Precipitation of Aluminium Tri-Hydroxides from a Bauxite Residue-Bauxite By-Product Slag 
BR07 - Recovery of Scandium, Iron, and Aluminum from Bauxite Residue by Carbothermic Smelting Followed by Acid Baking – Water Leaching 
CB01 - Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of Multilayer Clean Ramming Paste Joint
CB02 - Study of Anode Compaction Using a Model-Fluid 
CB03 - A New Prototype for Acousto-Ultrasound Analysis of Carbon Anodes 
CB04 - Impact of Quality Changes in Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) on Anodes Used for Aluminium Production 
CB05 - Sustainable CPC Production at the Vizag Calciner 
AL01 - The Successful Implementation of EGA DX+ Ultra Technology at ALBA 
AL02 - Rio Tinto Smelter 4.0: From Vision to Delivery 
AL03 - A Modernized ANSYS-Based Finite Element Model for the Thermal-Electrical Design of Aluminum Reduction Cells 
AL04 - Cathode Cooling Damages Due to Potline Power Interruptions 
AL05 - A 700 kA Alumina Reduction Cell with Downstream Cathode 
AL06 - Production of Premium Grade P0404 Metal at Mahan Aluminium 
AL07 -  Measurement of Metal Inventory in Pots with Zinc Dilution 
AL08 -  Development and Application of Intelligent Control System of Crust Breaker in Aluminum Reduction Cell 
AL09 - Comparative Study of Alumina Dissolution in Complex Aluminum Electrolytes 
AL10 - State and Development Prospects of Technologies for the Use of Unshaped Lining Materials in Aluminum Reduction Cells 
AL11 - DIDION Rotary Processing: New Applications in Aluminum Smelters 
AL12 - Graphite Foil as a Barrier for the Penetration of Aluminum and Cryolite into Cathode Lining 
AL13 - Numerical Study and Industrial Testing on Optimizing New Anode Behavior by Changing Additional Voltage Strategies 
AL14 - The Magnetic Shielding Effect of Steel in an Aluminum Reduction Cell 
AL15 - Simulation Optimization and Industrial Test of Fume Ductwork on Aluminum Reduction Cell 
AL16 - A Review of Powder Characterization 
AL17 - Minimizing SPL Generation via Redesigning Pot and Life Enhancement 
AL18 - Valorization of Treated Spent Pot Lining By-Product in Concrete 
AL19 - A Novel, Zero-Waste Technology for Spent Pot Lining Recycling 
AL20 - Smart Tools and QuicKonnect for Enhanced Safety of Casthouse Operations 
AL21 - Fully Automated Furnace Skimming and In-Furnace Dross Processing Increasing Production and Saving Cost 
AL22 - Effect of Graphene on the Mechanical and Conducting Properties of Aluminium 
AL23 - Simplifying Joint Ventures 
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BX02 -    Dry Beneficiation of Bauxite Minerals Using a Tribo-Electrostatic Belt Separator 

Authors:   Kyle Flynn, Lucas Rojas Mendoza, Frank Hrach and Abhishek Gupta

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