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The International Committee for Study of Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium


(Approved on 03/10/2017)

ICSOBA is governed by Bylaws. The Bylaws are ICSOBA's cornerstone, they guide the organization through the decision-making process since its beginning. The first Bylaws as assembled by Miroslav Karsulin (Secretary General) and Jean Papastamatiou (President) were published on 1 October, 1964.

As and when required, ICSOBA Board is proposing Bylaws amendments which are debated and submitted to vote during annual Annual Meeting of Members. Every member can suggest Bylaws amendment during this meeting.

The most recent Bylaws as amended and proposed at the Annual Meeting of members on October 3, 2017 in Hamburg, Germany can be downloaded here.

ICSOBA Knowledge Dissemination Policy
(Approved on 24/07/2019)

ICSOBA acknowledges the importance of knowledge dissemination and deploys all efforts to maximize the impact of the knowledge and know-how developed and shared by its members. In this regard, the submitted papers are first subjected to a rigorous peer-review and edition processes. The papers are then collected in a single volume (Travaux), both in Hard Copy and Electronic formats, which are given to all delegates prior to each annual conference. Travaux is indexed in a number of scientific databases; i.e. Google Scholar, … ICSOBA is proud of its priceless documentation which consists of 36 volumes of Travaux collected over more than 50 years.

The knowledge is not limited only to the papers and each presenter provides a presentation file as a support for his/her talk. These files usually contain additional information, necessary for better understanding of the results. The presentations are also collected prior to the conference, subjected to the edition process, and given to all delegates prior to each annual conference.

Besides the important technical data and knowledge generated by the authors each year, ICSOBA has access to an extremely wide expertise of its members, covering the whole industry; from Bauxite to Ingot. The wide expertise of ICSOBA members includes all aspects of the industry; i.e. fundamental science, applied science & technology, market, environment, etc. As such, ICSOBA is considered as a tremendous library of people and their related expertise. Having access to this library, one could address almost all hurdles of the field.

ICSOBA members enjoy these knowledge and database at different levels, as summarized in Table below:

ICSOBA advantages/offers

Corporate members
Delegates/ members

Current year ICSOBA conference

Abstract download prior to the event via ICSOBA Whova app
PDF file of the ICSOBA proceeeding in USB key
PDF file of the presentations in USB key
Purchase hard copy of proceeding 200 US$ 200 US$ 200 US$
(if available)
List of experts via ICSOBA directors
Download of the individual papers via ICSOBA website Free with registration
Download of the proceeding via ICSOBA website 100 US$
Download of the presentations PDF file via ICSOBA website

Past ICSOBA Conferences

Download of the individual papers via ICSOBA website Free Free with registration
Download of the proceeding via ICSOBA website 50 US$ 100 US$
Download of the presentation PDF file via ICSOBA website
Purchase hard copy of proceeding (if available) 200 US$ 200 US$ 200 US$
List of experts via ICSOBA directors

Current year ICSOBA conference should be understood as “last ICSOBA annual conference" and for a request date included "between the first day of this conference till the eve of following year annual conference”

Corporate Member should be understood as “Corporate Member up to date of its membership fees at the date of request”

Delegate / Member should be understood as “last ICSOBA annual conference delegate from the first day of this conference till the eve of following year annual conference” or “Individual Member up to date of its affiliation fees at the date of request”

Public: all other situations

Free with registration should be understood as:
The applicant is invited to fill in a form on the website including personal reference (firstname, surname, ..), professionnal affiliation, job title, email and registration to ICSOBA newsletter.
With this satisfied, the applicant can download the single paper he/she is looking for.

ICSOBA Publication Ethics
(Approved on 24/07/2019)

TRAVAUX – ICSOBA Conference Proceedings

1. Editors

  • TRAVAUX Proceedings have a Program Director and Subjects Organizers who are recognized experts in the field. The full names and affiliations of the editors are provided on the ICSOBA website www.ICSOBA.org - Call for Papers.

2. Authors

  • There are no fees or charges for manuscript processing and/or publishing papers in TRAVAUX. Templates for abstracts, papers and presentations, as well as the submission procedures are clearly stated on the website. Authors must comply with the Templates;
  • Each paper is accompanied by a presentation which must be presented at the conference by one of the authors or in exceptional case by another delegated person;
  • All abstracts, papers and presentations are reviewed in order to guarantee high quality and the authors should follow corrections and instructions from the reviewers;
  • Citations of the text or figures should be referenced;
  • Financial support and permission to publish can be acknowledged;
  • Acknowledgment can be given to contributors to the paper or research who are not the authors;
  • Authors should make sure that the published material has been reviewed and authorized by the companies or organizations contributing to the technical material or who gave financial support for the published research;
  • If some of the content of a paper has been already published before, most of the material must be new for an ICSOBA paper; otherwise the paper will be refused.

3. Review process

  • Subject Organizers are responsible for the review process in their subject. They can be assisted by nominated reviewers. The Program Director is responsible for the review of Keynote papers;
  • The review process assures high technical quality of papers and presentations, as well as uniform formatting, defined in Templates;
  • Reviewers should avoid conflict of interest with authors;
  • Reviewers should point out relevant published work which is not cited in the paper;
  • Reviewers should keep the papers confidential until they are published.

4. Publication Ethics

  • ICSOBA considers all original research manuscripts reporting scientifically sound experiments and providing a substantial amount of new information in the Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium fields. When the presentation of some already-published materials is judged to be useful for the comprehension and the integrity of the manuscript, ICSOBA may accept that the authors include in their manuscript some already-published materials together with their new research / industrial application results. The authors are responsible for respecting the copyrights and obtaining all authorizations for using the already-published materials. The reviewer / subject organizer of ICSOBA can refuse the manuscripts in case of excessive and unnecessary use of already-published materials.

5. Copyright and Access

  • ICSOBA papers are not copyrighted and can be freely reproduced and distributed publicly. The papers from recent years are available on ICSOBA website to which internet browsers also give access.

6. Archiving

  • ICSOBA has archived all the past TRAVAUX which can be made available on request to ICSOBA.

7. Name of Proceedings

  • TRAVAUX is a unique name for ICSOBA Proceedings.