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RUSAL is the leader of the global aluminium industry. In 2018, the Companyaccounted for about 5.8% of global production of aluminium and 6.2% ofalumina production. RUSAL’s ordinary shares arelisted on the Hong KongStock Exchange (Stock code: 486). RUSAL’s ordinary shares are also listed onthe Moscow Exchange (RUAL).

The Company employs about 64,000 people. RUSAL’s offices are operatingin 20 countries all over the world and across 5 continents. RUSAL’s headquartersare located in Moscow.

Among the main sales markets for RUSAL are Europe, North America, South-East Asia, Japan, China and Korea. Moreover, the Company contributes tothe development of the domestic market. The main consumers come fromthe transportation, construction and packaging industries.

RUSAL has a diversified and innovative product mix with an overwhelmingshare of value added products (ingots, wire rod, foundry alloys, billets, foil, etc).

One of the Company’s main priorities is to become a global leader in terms of aluminium production efficiency whilst still maintaining one of the lowestcarbon footprints in the industry. To achieve this, RUSAL is investing in inhouse R&D and is implementing RA‑550 smelting technology and revolutionaryinert anode technology. The Company is also developing new products,including new types of alloys and is upgrading its production facilities.

RUSAL has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry resulting fromthe benefits of its access to clean, renewable hydropower in Siberia whichhas made it possible to develop its next-generation aluminium: ALLOW.

ALLOW is a cleaner, greener, sustainable aluminium brand positioned at theforefront of industry efforts to move away from generating carbon emissions. ALLOW is guaranteed to have a CO2 footprint that is four to five times lowerthan across the industry. RUSAL continues to pioneer new technology whichis focused on eliminating its greenhouse gas emissions. Today over 95% of RUSAL’s aluminium is produced using renewable hydropower.

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About the co-organizer

Non-Ferrous Metals Siberia

Mining and Metallurgical Forum unites 3 congresses. Today, more than 700 participants from more than 20 countries take part in the Congress and the Exhibition each year.

The permanent leader and chairman of the organizing committee is Professor P.V. Polyakov, who devoted many years to the development of the metallurgical industry and has achieved results recognized by the world scientific and industrial communities.

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