37th International Conference and Exhibition ICSOBA 2019









Best Paper Awards

At the end of the conference six papers were announced for the best paper award. The awards are dedicated to recognizing outstanding papers across the entire program.

Four subjects were considered: bauxite and alumina, bauxite residue, carbon and electrolysis. The subject organizers of each stream: Stephan Beaulieu and Andrey Panov (bauxite and alumina), Mathieu Arlettaz Yuri Frantsev (carbon), Vinko Potocnik and Victor Buzunov (electrolysis) made their selections.

Two aluminium electrolysis papers were awarded due to the larger number of papers in this subject. The recipients are:

Bauxite Biodiversity Research Consortium (BRC): A technical and scientific partnership in search of the "State of Art" in Mining Area Recovery Hydro Paragominas - Mineração Paragominas S.A Gizélia Matos, Jonilton Paschoal and Victor Barbosa
Alumina Production of Ceramic and Smelter Grade Alumina in Outotec’s Dual Purpose CFB Calciner Outotec, Norway Linus Perander, Yasar Bayraktar, Gokhan Kurşat Demir, Seyit Avcu, Mustafa Server, Sonia Noack, Alessio Scarsella
Bauxite Residue Industrial Trials Results of Scandium Oxide Recovery from Red Mud at UC RUSAL Alumina Refineries RUSAL ETC, Russia Оlga Petrakova, Аlexander Kozyrev, Alexander Suss, Аndrey Panov, Sergey Gorbachev, Marina Perestoronina, Sergey Vishnyakov
Carbon Major reconstruction of central casing of open top baking furnace with a view to increase its lifespan and reduce the total cost comparing to full reconstruction Mytilineos Metallurgy Business Unit (AoG) Christos Zarganis, Eftychia Liantza, Harilaos Dolgyras, Giannakis Christos, Christophe Molinier and Kosmetatos Dionysios
Reduction Latest Progress in IPCC Methodology for Estimating the Extent of PFC Greenhouse Gases Co-evolved in the Aluminium Reduction Cell and Challenges in Reducing these Emissions Light Metals Research Centre, University of Auckland David Wong, Barry Welch, Pernelle Nunez, Lukas Dion and Alexey Spirin
Reduction Environmental benefits of using spent potlining in cement production Emirates Global Aluminium Chun Man Chow, Srinivasa Pujari, Michael Pan, Tanvi Kulkarni, Mohamed Mahmoud, Heba Akasha, Mohammad Al Jawi and Salman Abdulla