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The International Committee for Study of Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium



The International Committee for Study of Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium (ICSOBA) is an independent non-profit association that unites industry professionals representing major bauxite, alumina and aluminium producing companies, technology suppliers, researchers and consultants from around the world. ICSOBA was formed in 1963 in Zagreb (former Yugoslavia), and, in the past half century it has become a well-recognized and truly international organization with the vision of organizing the “Technology Conference of the Aluminium Industry, for the Aluminium Industry”.

ICSOBA annual International Conference and Exhibition:

  • A Mine to Metal industry driven technology conference.
  • Connected to universities as well as to equipment suppliers and services providers.
  • With high standard of presentations and proceedings.
  • Entirely international and travelling worldwide where the aluminium action is.
  • Provides unique forum for discussions and exchange of ideas.
  • Includes highly valuable plant visits.

ICSOBA Mission

  • Promoting the exchange of ideas and know-how from different fields of research related to bauxite exploration and mining, and alumina and aluminium production.
  • Organizing yearly Technology Conference with a scope covering upstream aluminium activities from bauxite to liquid metal. Since 1963 ICSOBA annual Technology Conference is organized in different parts of the world where aluminium action takes place and proceedings are published as TRAVAUX volumes. Annual events represent a platform to advance the interests of our society as ICSOBA is the industry ally.
  • Organizing this event in such a way that it encourages companies to send their employees, universities and other R&D organizations to send their professors and students, consultants, suppliers and individuals to attend and contribute.
  • Contribute to knowledge dissemination by offering a platform for Industry-University Collaboration for Innovation and providing a user-friendly interface for general access to the several thousand technical papers which have been published in the TRAVAUX volumes over more than half a century.

Learn more about how ICSOBA is setting development trends in global Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium industry (article in International Aluminium Journal - July/August2019).

Contribution of ICSOBA in setting development trends in global Al industry