The International Committee for Study of Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium

Media partners

Media Partners, both at international and national level, are organisations publishing physically or electronically, technical journals in the field of global aluminium production, materials handling, transportation, processes, mining of raw materials and production of end products as well as suppliers of technologies and accessories for aluminium production.

Those organisations purposes are to provide the industry CEO, managers, researchers, technical and business consultants with:

  • digest of global news and events
  • statistics
  • detailed technical articles
  • company and country profiles
  • conference reports
  • regular regional economic briefings




Both organisations have identified a framework of cooperation, the partnership, within the aluminium sector. The objectives of this partnership, which are generally captured in a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU), are to contribute to the industrial knowledge base and to stimulate economic activities along the aluminium value chain.


Example of conditions of interest to ICSOBA:


  • List the ICSOBA events on the MP Global Meetings Calendar. The conference will also be listed in the Meetings Calendar and highlighted as associated event.
  • One event banner with a hyperlink to the event website on the event homepage of the MP - from signing the agreement till the event is over.
  • One event banner with a hyperlink to the event website in the MP’s Exclusive e-newsletter from signing the agreement till the event is over.
  • Pre and post show event updates/Press releases in the general news section on the MP’s portal and the daily e-newsletter.
  • Provide base support in (country / region) for marketing of the Event, booking of delegation & display stall on mutually agreed terms.
  • Three exclusive e-mail campaigns to the MP’s subscribers and advertisers on the portal.
  • ICSOBA logo on the MP website with a link to
  • Post release after the ICSOBA event published in MP paper issues or website
  • Any other event related services on mutually agreed terms


Example of conditions of interest to media partners:


  • Declare MP as the event media and web publicity partner
  • MP’s association on ICSOBA website via a logo and link
  • Reference MP as Media Partner in all conference literature (print and electronic) in a manner that is consistent with MP’s corporate identity guidelines and provide a link to the MP web site (www.Media from the conference web site.
  • MP banner ad with link in two annual ICSOBA e-Newsletters
  • MP logo (and 100-word profile of the organization) on ICSOBA website page
  • One free media pass to attend the ICSOBA conference with corresponding materials at the event
  • MP logo in the ICSOBA conference Program Book; Publish the magazine’s advertisement (one half printed page, four colours) in the Program Book
  • Display MP logo, hoardings and sign boards at ICSOBA events, as event media partner
  • Distribute MP’s materials onsite during the conference. Distribute MP’s literature (if provided) at the ICSOBA event
  • Provide MP a list of email address of ICSOBA Members who opt-in to receive news from ICSOBA Media partners