How to become a Conference Sponsor?


ICSOBA Conferences Sponsorship

A unique feature of ICSOBA is to organize its Annual Conference, on a rotating basis, in different places strategically located in relation to the aluminium industry all around the world. The underlaying objective of this choice is to offer opportunity to a maximum number of aluminium industry professionals to access best in class International Conference at reasonable cost as well as giving fair representation of R&D and Operation activities taking place in those areas.

By becoming an ICSOBA Conference Sponsor you will access a communication forum which will bring you:

  • A high level brand visibility before, during and after the event
  • Targeted marketing opportunities to the technical audience you aim to reach
  • A feedback on your customer perception
  • A window to efficient lead generation
  • Insights on latest industry trends and fresh material to expand your content strategy
  • Expanded business relationship
  • and ultimately a true return on investment

Become an ICSOBA Conference Sponsor

Stand out from the rest and ensure your logo is on the conference stage, all event banners and marketing material, which is visible to thousand professionals in the field.

Host the welcome cocktail or a delegate lunch

Entertain a large number of existing and potential clients.

Exhibition space

Showcase your business with an exhibition stand and take advantage of the opportunity to discuss the products and services your company has to offer.

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