Corporate Membership

As Corporate member of ICSOBA you are part of the global community of bauxite, alumina and aluminium industry and would be able to freely exchange ideas and results of work with the best of scientific researchers and domain specialists from the fields of bauxite, alumina and aluminium from all six continents at ICSOBA conventions and through its website.

As Corporate member, a 10% discount applies to the registration fee at all stages for each delegate of your company. As corporate member of ICSOBA you will increase the visibility of your company in the bauxite, alumina and aluminium industry through your Company logo displayed in ICSOBA Newsletter, website and general communication.

As Corporate member of ICSOBA your company and its workforce will benefit from the annual events because they:

  • Allow your company delegates to learn, grow personally and expand their professional horizons and to widen their circle of contacts
  • Offer unique exposure to different facets of our industry across the world
  • Result in higher potential and technical competence of your professional workforce.

By becoming an ICSOBA Corporate member you intend to:

  • Support, in the long run, the vision of ICSOBA to become the “Technology Conference of the Aluminium Industry, for the Aluminium Industry”
  • Support, in the long run, the ambition of ICSOBA to organize the best annual Technology Conference of the aluminium industry as well as achieve ICSOBA mission
  • Influence, in the long run, ICSOBA strategy and strategy deployment to achieve the above vision and mission through a dedicated Corporate Members Council, meeting twice a year (1 member = 1 vote).

The corporate membership is renewed annually. As corporate membership is associated with a “long run” support mindset, we encourage multi-year engagement:

5 years (corresponding to strategic plan)

4000 $

4 years

3400 $

3 years

2600 $

2 years

1800 $

1 years

1000 $



For any further information, please contact us at and we will provide you with all details on ICSOBA Corporate or Individual membership and the application process corresponding to your specific situation.

ICSOBA Corporate Members